Events & special occasions

We are very proud of our collection of vintage cars in pristine condition. These cars are creating memorable experiences every time they are on the road.

We have Scandinavia´s largest fleet of functional vintage cars for hire. Besides being nice to look at, they are reliable on the road and adhere to all current legislation. Not an easy task considering some of them are from the 1930's.

Besides the classic vintage cars, we have two modern Rolls-Royces that never fail to make an impression.

In the Spotlight

Photo shoots, movie production and marketing events. When it comes to photo shoots, sometimes the car itself is in the spotlight. Years of experience and a genuine interest in the history of cars make us a great partner when selecting a suitable car.

Rolls-Royce Phantom

The Rolls-Royce Phantom is in a class of its own. Every detail of this car is perfect, from the seating to the sound system.

For a spectacular, graceful entrance, trust in the Phantom from one of the world's most respectable car manufacturers.

Rolls-Royce Phantom DHC

Let the wind blow through your hair in this Drop Head Coupé, the fabulous convertible version of the Rolls-Royce Phantom.

Use the flair of this amazing automobile to express your happiness on weddings, parties and events.

Packard 1101 Convertible Sedan

This Packard 1101 Convertible Sedan made by body maker Dietrich was sold new to the founder of the department store empire Åhlén´s Johan Petter Åhlén.

Why not take a ride together with dear ones in this beautiful summer car, or let us deliver you and your partner to church in style.

Cadillac CKD Limousine 1939

In the 30's, Cadillac exported some cars as CKD, which stands for "Crated Knocked Down". This means that the car was delivered in a box, where a body shop in the importing country would assemble it.

Our car was assembled by the best body shop in Sweden, Nordbergs Vagnfabrik. Enjoy travelling in once one of the largest convertibles in the world, all in one piece.

Cadillac Fleetwood Limousine 1938

This Fleetwood Imperial Touring Sedan is from 1938, an era of car manufacturing that still today draws attention. 

This 7 seated limousine has serial number 451 out of the 479 manufactured and is one of the very few that was sold new in Sweden.

Mercedes Benz 600 Pullman 1965

The Swedish agent sold two MB 600 Pullman. The first one was this car of 1965 years model was delivered to the Swedish Royal court where it was dedicated to HM Gustav VI Adolf and HRH Prince Bertil.

Angela Channing at Falcon Crest had one, the emperor of Japan had one, the Pope had one, Elisabeth Taylor had one and Mao Zedong had 25 of them. Why not feel like one of the celebrities of the 60's?

Cars for weddings and events

Bookings, questions and reflections. Feel free to contact us any time. No question is too big or too small. Our helpful staff is here for you.

Cadillac Fleetwood Limousine 1967

This Cadillac of the model 69733 was delivered to the Royal Mews in 1967 and replaced the Mercedes 600 Pullman as HM Gustav VI Adolf´s favorite car. After 1969 the car was used by HRH Princess Sibylla, our present king's mother. 

Up to six passengers can travel together in this classic car. Use it to make a spectacular entrance or for travelling to the wedding.

Creating remembrance

When all the details matter, only the best is good enough. This beautiful couple is well aware of this.

They chose our Rolls-Royce Phantom for transportation on their special day - one of our most popular cars for weddings and events. It's a car that leaves nothing to chance - uncompromised in beauty, elegance and prestige.

The video is made by Bröllopsfotograferna and is published with the groom's approval.

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